Kraft Summer Grilling Survey Shows the Grill is an Unconquered Tool for Serving up an American Favorite – The Sandwich

Kraft Singles, in Partnership with Weber Grills, Shares Grilled Sandwich Secrets Just in Time for Summer Cookouts


Tuesday, May 21, 2013 9:00 am EDT



A recent survey* from Kraft Singles revealed that 98 percent of Americans consider themselves to be sandwich eaters, but only 10 percent consider using the grill to make hot sandwiches. With a country full of sandwich lovers and an abundance of grill-worthy summer holidays around the corner, KraftSingles has teamed up with Weber-Stephen Products, LLC to show Americans how to use their grills to create mouthwatering sandwiches this summer and beyond.

“Whether you’re a grilling virtuoso or novice, just a few simple steps can help you master a delicious grilled sandwich,” says Kevin Kolman, Weber’s grilling expert. “The combination of direct and convection heat created by a covered grill makes bread crispy and helps melt cheese to perfection, making it the ideal tool for creating delectable sandwich combinations.”

According to the survey, 80 percent of sandwich eaters have at least one hesitation when it comes to firing up the grill for this classic meal, from clean-up worries (39 percent) to temperature control concerns (29 percent). However, simple tips from Kraft Kitchens and Weber help make grilled sandwiches a convenient, easy and delicious culinary experience with endless possibilities.

  • Start with a Clean Surface: For a perfectly grilled sandwich every time, be sure to clean the grill before every use. For a quick process, preheat the grill to 500°-550°F for 10-15 minutes to burn off existing residue. Once heated, brush off the loose debris with a stainless steel bristle brush.
  • Patience is Key: The key to the perfect grilled sandwich is ensuring you maintain medium and direct heat of about 400 degrees throughout the cooking time - no peeking. Keeping the lid closed allows for convection heat to circulate within the grill, allowing for perfectly melted cheese.
  • Crown it with Cheese: Adding cheese is the final touch to ensure all flavors blend (and stick) together in perfect harmony. Kraft offers a wide variety of sliced cheeses to complement any sandwich combination.

Grilling opens up a world of possibilities to sandwich lovers. When creating a grilled sandwich, Kraft recommends taking it one step at a time. Start by picking your staples –cheese, steak, chicken or veggies – and build the sandwich from there. Add condiments and dressings and use the grill to add layers of flavor as you build the final sandwich.

Here are a few ways to spice up your grilled sandwiches this summer:

  • Veggie Steaks: Switch up your sandwich routine by foregoing the meat and swapping grilled veggies. Portobello mushrooms, cauliflower and zucchini can make hearty meat substitutions in a flavor-packed sandwich.
  • Sweet vs. Savory: Grilling fruit, such as pears, strawberries and apples, takes the tartness out of the taste and adds a punch of flavor to every bite of a savory sandwich. Visit your local farmer’s market to get the freshest ingredients for the season.
  • Top it with Texture: Toss traditional sandwich toppings such as lettuce, tomato and onion on the grill for added variety of texture that will have your taste buds singing.

Below are additional fast facts from the survey:

  • America Craves Sandwiches: Over two thirds (67 percent) of Americans eat three or more sandwiches in a typical week - that’s more than 634 million sandwiches a week1.
  • Sandwich Lovers: More than four in 10 (41 of percent) sandwich-eaters say the longest time they have ever gone without indulging in a sandwich is four days; another 24 percent of sandwich fans said they haven’t gone longer than a week without a sandwich2.
  • Grilling Nation: Only six percent of Americans lack access to a grill – which means 296 million Americans do have access to a grill, and can grill up sandwich creations this summer3.

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1Three sandwiches per week for 67% of the population; based on US Census Bureau population estimate of 315,572,478 as of 3/28/13

2Based on Survey of 1,191 nationally representative Americans, ages 18 and older, conducted by Kelton on behalf of KRAFT Singles.

3Based on US Census Bureau population of 315,572,478 as of 3/28/13

*Survey of 1,191 nationally representative Americans, ages 18 and older, conducted by Kelton on behalf of KraftSingles.


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